Mobile eforms

Paper forms, without the paper — or the mistakes.

Eliminate the need to find, print, carry and return paper forms. With Business Connect, mobile eForms can be constructed to fit your workers’ needs and published in minutes. Cut data entry time with intelligent user interface including date pickers, dropdown lists and lookup fields. Data is instantly validated by business applications, directly from within the form.

Secure mobile file access

Accessing files and keeping them in the business process.

Mobile workers need to access critical documents. Employees need to be able to securely deliver documents back into business processes or content management systems without increasing business risk. Business Connect’s “MyFiles” connects workers to their networked ¬ť∂Ļ…Ámadou Directory, other shared folders, and even SharePoint, anywhere, while maintaining existing corporate security infrastructure and IT policies. No need for unsecured storage devices or third-party, cloud-based storage services.

Secure mobile print

Stop racing to the printer to retrieve sensitive documents

Business Connect's secure print capabilities lets mobile workers print sensitive documents and release them on-demand. Simply print a file to your secure print queue, then scan a QR code on the printer or multifunction device (MFD) to release the job when you’re ready. Business Connect makes finding networked MFDs easy, displaying a floor plan on the smart device to help locate available printers at remote offices or buildings.

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