Put your information to work

See what an efficient information infrastructure can do for you.

Your information is only as good as your ability to use it. Our Imaging Services support information mobility and the ability of your workforce to capture, access and manage critical business data. We’ll work with you to digitize your legacy files — scanning and indexing these large backlogs of existing physical documents into the formats you and your team prefer.

With this solid information infrastructure, you can:
    • Access the information you need — anytime, anywhere, and on any device.
    • Collaborate more effectively, thanks to information that's better organized and more accessible.
    • Increase productivity by eliminating the time you spend searching for, or re-creating, information.

Support for workstyle innovation

Convert legacy information into a competitive advantage.

Your workers are on-the-go, using smartphones and other mobile devices to drive speed, productivity and collaboration. But your information may not be keeping pace.
Incredibly valuable information exists within your enterprise. Some of it is part of your current workflow but great deal of critical information, however, is buried. It’s trapped on paper or on outdated media, such as aperture cards, microfilm and microfiche. Digitizing this buried information and getting it integrated with your workflow can help deliver powerful results — like faster innovation, greater speed to market and lower operating costs. Seminole Office now offers an affordable, flexible and highly secure service that directly addresses this key business issue.
Seminole Office Imaging Services can digitize your legacy information and integrate it with your electronic workflow — where it is secure, organized and easily accessed by authorized users. Our approach combines years of document processing experience and an established imaging center  — all while taking the tedious burden of managing through legacy information off your employees.

Get reliable digital imaging

Help comply with digital data mandates.

Easily accessible information is good; unsecured information is not. That's why it's our job to not only digitize your documents, but help safeguard them and put them in correct, mandated formats.

We can provide onsite digitization for documents that can’t leave your premises, or we can transport them to our Downtown Orlando document processing center staffed by certified digital imaging specialists. From there your data is transferred to portable media or sent electronically by file transfer protocol (FTP), along with complete chain of custody.

Either way, our solution lets you:

    • Deploy safeguards and audit trails for electronic information systems.

  • Improve your ability to address mandates such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and FRCP.


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