Manage your devices centrally

Set your strategy first, then watch the pieces fall into place.

When printers, copiers, scanners and multifunction printers (MFPs) are distributed and managed locally, you don't have a big-picture view of output, supplies or issues. It's difficult to make organization-wide recommendations to lower costs and improve collaboration.

Our Centralized Printing solution focuses on rightsizing the number and type of devices within your organization, and automating manual tasks. After we assess your situation and develop a print management strategy, you can operate far more efficiently with:

    • Centralized control

    • Standardization

    • Common access solutions

    • Centralized purchasing and vendor management

    • Break-fix services

  • Ongoing install, move, add, change and disposal (IMACD) services

Make smart, lean choices

Define your print infrastructure by its speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Hiring and training workers — in addition to maintaining and refreshing devices — are time-consuming, expensive activities. With Centralized Printing, you don't need to worry about these tasks.

We'll help make sure you have the right equipment, people, processes and reports in place. You can focus on core business priorities while we staff, equip and manage your print environment with:

    • Trained, certified Seminole employees.

    • Comprehensive monitoring, measurement and reporting software.

    • Hardware refreshes that match your evolving requirements.

    • Web and cloud portals to facilitate collaboration.

  • Accounting and chargeback systems.

Put technology to work

Gather valuable intelligence about printing, even in multi-vendor environments.

It's one thing to support your workers with a modern, efficient print infrastructure. It's another thing to have information about that infrastructure at your fingertips.

Good thing our solution is device agnostic, and that we're deep into data mining and analytics. With our software and cloud-based solutions, you can answer questions like:

    • Who is printing what, where and when at what cost?

    • Which user behaviors can be modified to save money and supplies?

    • What am I spending per device by brand?

    • Which devices are over- or under-utilized?

  • What is the appropriate user-to-device ratio in our organization?

You can also extend the benefits of Centralized Printing with our Business Process Services, which focus on process improvements, workflow automation, document conversion and more.


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